Benefits of Professional Employee Requirements

Hiring Brazilian workers can be tricky in 2021 and beyond. The ongoing pandemic makes traveling and scouting for local talent very difficult for many foreign employers.

Fortunately, through Employer of Record, you can hire the best professionals in Brazil without leaving your office. More so, working with Wide Brazil to hire local workers comes with essential benefits, such as:


With EOR, you do not have to travel to Brazil or attend employment interviews in person. As a result, you save money on commutes, lodging, and other traveling expenses.


You can leave the employment operation to the Wide Brazil local experts. This way, you don’t expose yourself to a high-risk situation for your health by traveling to Brazil during a global pandemic.

100% Legal

By working with local law professionals, you get to hire workers remotely while abiding by the local employment laws. Furthermore, you can reassure them with legal contracts that safeguard them in a difficult economic climate.

Less Hassle

The employment law in Brazil is a complex collection of regulations and amendments. While it may seem easier to navigate for local experts, it often raises daunting legal hurdles for foreign investors.

Through EOR, you partner with professionals that know and understand the local practices in detail. As a result, you waste less time, money, and patience in recruiting local talents.

Easy Communication

Even if you are on the other side of the world, you can still take great care of all your employees in Brazil. Forget about dealing with tricky local taxes and error-prone currency convertors. Wide Brazil takes care of your endeavors as part of the EOR agreement.

Maximum Efficiency

A partnership with Wide Brazil to hire through Employer of Record results in an efficiency boost for all your company’s operations in Brazil. We help you hire the best candidates for the jobs you have on offer. More so, we handle HR details, payroll, and make sure that your actions comply with local laws. All of these benefits and many more are available without you having to set up a subsidiary in Brazil.

The Local Talent Comes to You

With the best locals working on your employment requirements, you do not have to spend precious resources on head-hunting. We foray into the local market for you and enable the best talents in the field to easily find and apply for your jobs.

Wealth Dispersion

Brazil is facing the overwhelming economic challenges derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. Foreign investment through EOR employment can help local workers reduce financial insecurity. Also, it helps spread the global wealth to reach professionals across the world.

Stable Employment for Stronger Communities

Hiring promising talents in Brazil can help local communities get a financial boost. Overseas employment helps them grow faster and within a healthy economic environment. This way, you build the long-term basis of an international enterprise benefitting everyone involved.

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